The Modus Truth – Gail Hooper

“I came to Modus for shoulder rehab – left with so much more!! “

TAfter surgery to repair 3 tears in my rotator cuff, and months of subsequent therapy, my surgeon approved the Modus Flex class as an appropriate return to regular exercise. He felt the very specific model that Modus employs, along with its well-trained instructors, was the ideal regimen for my goals.

I was anxious to get back, but also wary of re-injury. Because I’m prone to tears, Modus’ focus on the small stabilizing muscles – ankles, knees, elbows, wrists – was especially important to regaining overall strength and preventing future injury. (I’ve had knee and ankle injuries, too.)

Today, my shoulder range of motion is 95%. My posture has improved. I’m more flexible. My back, abs and arms have become more defined. My cardio health has greatly improved. My legs and behind are stronger. I feel solid. There is not one inch of my body that doesn’t get a workout during class!

What a gift it’s been in so many unexpected ways!! The routine is complete – so tough, and it never gets boring! Thank you to ALL the instructors who motivate, offer proper form/modifications and always make class fun! Love, love, love my Modus workouts! Oh, and Megan wanted a “fun fact” about me. This is my 6th season as an Airbnb host. In fact, I’m rated a “Superhost” (their term). I’m blessed to meet people from all over the world, and promote this amazing area that I get to call home.