Kelly Robinson

Kelly Robinson

Kelly is a golf, tennis, and downhill skiing enthusiast who started with Modus45 late 2013; he now goes twice a week. He works in the oil and gas exploration field and enjoys time with his active sons and wife.

What prompted you to try Modus45?
I started at Modus because my wife had tried the classes. I found out there was a men’s class and thought I should give it a try. In general, I have struggled with lower back and hip issues. I have been to physical therapy many times And unfortunately do not stick to routine they prescribe. Nonetheless, I have been told to strengthen my glutes and increase flexibility. This class forces me to work on these things while also doing cardio and strength training.

What keeps you coming back?
I like the fact that it incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility in one workout.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
Arms and glute strength. I have lower back and right hip issues, so strengthening my glutes and increasing flexibility in my hamstrings are slowly correcting these issues.

Any tips for newcomers?
Just be ready for a good workout.

Any favorite moves?
I like the arm series.