Keegan Myers

Keegan Myers

Keegan, co-owner of M22 LLC, Love Michigan, M22 Challenge, and Broneah Inc. is passionate about heath, fitness, nutrition, and balance. Competitive on mountain bikes, SUPs, and kiteboards, Keegan enjoys training for endurance events such as the M22 Challenge, triathlons, and unique running events.

Why did you start coming to Modus45?
I was looking for something different to mix into my training program. Typically I am either on my bike, running, or swimming. My program did not include much for basic full body strength training and flexibility. Modus looked to be a good option for that.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
I would have to say that Modus has really helped with my core and hips. With so many miles on the bike I was not spending enough time focusing on my hips and allowing them to move in different ways than the bike offers. Modus allows me to get my hips into many new positions and then the time to focus on that position with small movements. In addition the multiple cardio punches, planking, upper body, and ab work all contributes to a full body and core workout that lack in my endurance training.

What keeps you coming back?
Every time I leave a Modus class I always say to myself, “Damn, that is a good workout that I cannot get any other way.” That is what keeps me coming back. There is no way I will get that specific workout on my own. Due to a full training schedule I am only able to do Modus once per week. However, even doing it once a week I have been able to see lots of progress. Ideally I would do it three times per week to maximize what it offers.

How did you hear about Modus45?
I started doing a training program with a personal trainer in September. It was a great program but I did not feel it was the best fit for my ultimate goals. Megan mentioned that she had “a workout” and after a few weeks of asking her about it she finally showed it to me. I was hooked after the first session.

Any tips for newcomers?
Come to Modus with an open mind and commit to at least four sessions. This is not a “one hit wonder” workout. This is something you need to keep doing on a regular basis. It is then you will see significant improvement and strength.

Any favorite moves?
I enjoy workouts that take you to a point where you do not think you can go further … and then you do. That is what many of the moves in Modus force you to do. In “Modus Man” we do a great sequence of planking and pushups. This one always feel great at the end!

Which instructor do you normally see?
Megan. She never lets me slack and consistently pushes me to my edge during the entire class. With her background in endurance sports training she is also very informative when I have specific questions about my training program or race prep. She always keeps a very positive vibe flowing and typically gets to work out with us and takes part in the pain of Modus.