Jenn Dakoske

Jenn Dakoske

Jenn began working out at Modus two to three times a week last fall. She sells residential real estate at RE/MAX Bayshore Properties in Traverse City and is a passionate marathoner.

Why work out at Modus45?
I love running and I’ve always hated organized exercise classes … but I sprained my ankle this fall, mid-marathon training, and was going crazy not being able to run. I literally only went because I hadn’t been able to run and the class was free – I really didn’t expect to go back.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
It’s been awesome for running – Modus works muscles that I’ve never worked before and it’s actually made running so much easier! That’s really what makes me keep going back.

What keeps you coming back?
I love that it’s as challenging as you make it – it actually gets more challenging as you figure out how you’re actually supposed to do the movements the right way! Megan kept saying, “Pull in your abs!” and I didn’t know what she meant until about a month ago. I like that every class has something a little different.

Any tips for newcomers?
You really have to give it more than just four to five classes before judging it. When I first started I thought parts of the class were too easy, but the more I go the harder it gets because you figure out how to squeeze your glutes even more! AH!

Most challenging move?
I hate that stupid half mat! I’m in pain for like two days after we use that thing!! (Obviously it works!)

What do you appreciate about your instructor?
I usually go to Megan’s classes – she now knows that I need to work on my posture and flexibility and constantly reminds me of that every class, and I love that she throws in something new every time ... even though I usually tell her that I hate her while I’m doing it! She’s awesome.