Sarah Shotwell

I have to admit that I really didn’t want to do the Modus Challenge this fall. I just didn’t know if I could commit the time it takes to go to Modus 3x a week and the extra time it would take to do the nutrition challenge. I am so glad I did! Thanks to my dear friend Krissy Kernan, who loves a little competition, I did sign up for both the Modus Challenge and the nutrition Challenge with David Zalucha. I started attending Modus 4 x a week, I knew if I was going to give Kelley Petterson, super active, super athletic, Modus Queen, a run for her money, I was going to have to go to classes more than 3 x a week. At first it was really hard to find the time to go 4 x a week and my body was tired and sore, but as the weeks went on and I got in a groove, 4 x a week was doable. My body was becoming very flexible, my arms and legs were more lean and toned, and I could feel all my muscles engaging and doing what they were supposed to be doing in all the exercises. My energy increased and I could almost see my abs, almost. The Nutrition challenge with David Zalucha was also something to which I was afraid I could not commit. After the first meet-up and signing on to the My Macros app I thought there is no way I have time to be planning meals, weighing all my food, and logging everything I ate. The first few days were challenging, I did take time to weigh everything I ate and log each ingredient I used. It also was hard to balance my carb, protein, and fat intake, but again, as the weeks went on, it became a habit and did not really take that much time, maybe an extra half hour a day. At first my weight was also jumping all over the place. Some days my carb intake was way too high and my weight would jump up. Other days my fat intake was too high and again the weight would jump up. But after about three weeks of learning to eat more balanced meals, higher protein meals, lots of veggies, and a ton of water, the weight started to drop. And guess what? I lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks. I was over the moon! This program really does work! My workout partner Krissy actually got to her goal weight in just one week by diligently tracking her food. I was a little more lax and had some cocktails, and Halloween candy, and cheese, lots of cheese, but learning to know what my fat, carb, and protein goals were really made a difference. I also started to learn how much 4 ounces of chicken or 15 grams of a carb looked like without having to measure everything. I was so thrilled that I made the commitment to my health and myself to do this challenge this fall. It was so worth every minute and every ounce of energy I put into it.