Running Series – Continued: Running and Alternative Training

Statistics state the annual injury rate among runners as high as 85%. Times have changed…A generation or two ago if you asked a runner how they trained and what they did for their workouts, they would probably say “I run”. Some may have been a bit more sophisticated and answered with interval training or hill running, but few would have said that strength training was part of their weekly routine… That is no longer true. There has been a change in the running world, mainly due to the high amounts of injuries associated with running. Some statistics state the annual injury rate among runners as high as 85%. So no surprise that more and more runners are realizing the tremendous benefits associated with building a strong, well balanced body. When they begin to incorporate strength building exercises their rate of injuries decreases and at the same time they become much more competitive. They are actually running less, but getting better results, sounds crazy at first until you take a hard look at the human anatomy and the biomechanics of running. Even with correct running form, the repetitive motion of running takes it toll on body parts especially joints, tendons and bones. Our focus this month is on running and why Modus can be the answer to what so many runners are looking for: Pain Free Running. Allison Yenshaw represents a large percentage of runners that really don’t enjoy typical strength training as much as do getting outside and feeling the adrenaline or endorphin rush they get from running, but realize if they don’t make strengthening their core and stabilizing muscles a priority then they won’t be able to enjoy their runs pain free. Read more…..