Prevention – Back Pain

Back pain affects about 8 out of 10 people at one time or another. But there are many steps you can take to avoid it.

*One of the best things you can do is to commit to a regular exercise program that focuses on strengthening your back, pelvic and abdominal muscles.

*Become aware of your posture and don’t slouch when standing or sitting.

*Sit in chairs or car seats with good lumbar support.

*Switch sitting positions often and periodically walk or gently stretch muscles to relieve tension.

*Don’t bend over without supporting your back.

Many people fail to realize that often times their back pain actually originates from the opposite side of where it hurts.

For example, the very act of sitting for long periods of time ends up shortening the iliopsoas muscles that connect from your lumbar region to the top of your femur, at the front.

When these muscles are shortened, it can cause severe pain when you stand up as they will effectively pull your lower back (lumbar) forward. Again that brings us back to why the Modus workout is so beneficial in helping prevent injury, because the primary focus is building a strong balanced body, with an emphasis on the stabilizer core muscles.