Excuses and exhaustion inspired a fresh approach to wellness.

Standing in her newly adopted daughter’s room, Megan Madion had reached the end of her rope.

“I was so tired that the thought of going to a class was dreadful. I just wanted to lie down,” she said. While my daughter was sleeping, I laid down on her floor and began moving just a bit.

“I started feeling better, more energized, and realized I could do a little more.”

Before she became a mom, Megan spent years competing in triathlons and Nordic skiing. Maintaining her athleticism was important, but almost impossible with work and family demands.

“When training to compete, every second counts, and those seconds are few and far between for many of us,” she said. “I knew if I was going to work out, I had to be as efficient as possible.”

Recognizing the power of sustained, tiny movements, Megan blended in bursts of cardio to increase the heart rate and move lactic acid through the body. After weeks of experimentation, an efficient 60-minute mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility evolved.

Friends joined her, loved the results, and the Modus community was born.

Megan Madion creator and founder of Modus45.


Modus instructors are special people. Beautiful inside and out, they love sharing their passion for Modus and for people like you.

Not only are our instructors deeply knowledgeable about the Modus method, they are here because of their ability to connect and coach each student, no matter where they are in their wellness journey.

  • Molly Russell

    Exercise Physiologist, Modus Trainer

  • Pam Klumpp

    Modus Certified

  • Megan Madion


  • Heidi Plummer


  • Mel Jones

    Modus Certified

  • Kerry Marsh

    Modus Certified

  • Gretchen Fraser

    Occupational Therapist

  • Tya Harrison

    Professional Dancer

  • Lindsey Hale


  • Kristin Mannes

    Exercise Science


For those wanting to share their love of Modus with friends, colleagues and family, certification training is available to help you embrace and teach the fitness art of Modus. Our teacher trainers are passionate and deeply expert about Modus and are thrilled to work with new students that seek to involve Modus in their professional growth.

  • Stacy Aulicino

    Teacher Trainer

  • Deb Westphal

    Teacher Trainer

  • Molly Russell

    Teacher Trainer