Jesse and Jeff: A Passion for Running – Jeff

Jeff – After IT Band injuries, he finally took core and stabilizing muscle training seriously. His trick? He integrated Modus45 into his training plan.

Numerous times throughout my 10 years participating in long distance running, I’ve endured IT Band injuries that have sidelined me for weeks or even months. It was not until I started taking core and stablizer muscle training seriously, that I finally have gone almost completely injury free for the last 3 years. My trick? Integrating Modus 45 into my training plan.

Before the start of my typical 4-month marathon training, I always do Modus at least once a week for a full month. Modus focuses on all the small tiny muscle groups that make up the core, and ensures that all my stabilizer muscles are strong so that I’m not forcing my body to over compensate for weaker muscles. When muscles have to work harder to make up for weaker ones, this is usually when running related injuries happen. Modus 45 is the base I use to make sure body is ready to take on the grueling (yet fun) beating I give it for 26.2 miles.

Another great thing that has happened since I integrated Modus into my training is that I’ve shaved 9 minutes off my marathon PR, to run a 3 hour 14 minute marathon in 2015.

Overall, I think Modus 45 is an excellent way to help runners stay healthy, get faster, and look damn fine in a bathing suit”