Jesse and Jeff: A Date Night with Jeff – Jessie

Jesse – Just by adding Modus45 training 1- 2 days a week shaved 6 minutes off her half-marathon time.

I began Modus45 over 2 years ago and I had no idea it would change my life so dramatically. The original question you asked was how has it impacted my running, so I’ll do my best to stick to just that!

Initially, by just adding Modus45 to my training program, 1-2 times per week I shaved 6 minutes off my half-marathon time in 2015. I had run that distance before, used the same training program for all my half-marathons, the only thing I changed was introducing Modus45.

Modus45 has dramatically improved my balance and posture thanks to its focus on core strength. One thing I love about it is how simple the poses are, the difficulty lies in maintaining awareness of your entire body. My posture during the day at work and home has never been better, and I’m able to stand tall when I run now which opens up my chest and diaphragm.

Modus45 does wonders for my hips, too. I have to pay special attention to my glutes and hip flexors since my stress fracture in May. Modus45 works all the muscles my physical therapist told me to focus on for a successful transition back into running. With Modus45 as part of my routine, I know that my whole body is toned, strong and protected from injury. Modus45 is the best runner’s insurance.

I also want to include that Modus45 become a date night for Jeff and I. We love running to class together, we both get an amazing, individualized workout, then we get a cool-down run in while deciding where to go for dinner. I love how strong I feel after class, how the difficulty level is based on my participation and growth, and the physical results are amazing. 1 Like