From Kelley Peterson

It is a funny thing about pain and chronic injuries but when you are so used to having it when it is gone it takes you a while to notice. That is how it was with Modus. I am not sure how long I had been attending classes but one day I realized I could not remember the last time I had taken ibuprofen because my knees were not hurting.

Then ski season came around and again I noticed improvements from years past. Not only was I stronger in my upper body but, my core strength had improved considerably which in turn improved my balance skiing. In addition I have seen improvement in my flexibility and endurance from the Modus MIC classes, which are my favorite.

Last winter I decided to stop taking all my joint supplements to see if my knee pain would return and I am happy to report it did not. I credit Modus and all the small moves working to improve the strength of my knee stabilizer muscles that has got me back to pain free running and skiing.