Deb Westphal – Overall Balanced Strength is Key

From a rod inserted in her leg from a skate skiing accident to a neck and spine fracture from a bike accident, Deb does not take her strength and the overall balanced strength in her body for granted.

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. At the top of my list are skate skiing in the winter and bike riding in the summer. When I added Modus to my weekly routine, not only did I gain a better awareness of my posture and increase my flexibility, but I noticed a significant improvement in my core strength and balance, which is especially needed for skate skiing. I love how Modus not only challenges the large muscles that I work all the time but also focuses on strengthening the smaller stabilizer muscles.

But it wasn’t until my two major accidents did I realize the importance Modus would play in my road to recovery.

In 2014 I was skiing the Vasa when I got tangled up with another skier and broke my leg. I had a rod inserted in my leg from my knee to my ankle, and could not bear any weight for 6 weeks, it is amazing how fast your muscles atrophy when you don’t use them! When I was able to start exercising again I came back to Modus making some modifications and doing low impact. I was amazed at how quickly I started noticing my strength coming back. Soon I was back to doing all things I love, including biking. Which brings me to my second major injury. Last summer I was on a bike ride coming down a steep hill at 35 mph. It was great fun until I hit a divot in the road and was thrown over my handlebars, thankfully my helmet did it’s job, but I did fracture my neck and spine. I was very fortunate that my injuries weren’t any worse, I really credit my fitness level, and overall health that I didn’t need surgery, but I had to wear a neck brace for a while and had to limit my physical activity for a few months. As soon as I got clearance from my doctor I was back at Modus, I had to make some modifications, and still use a ball when doing Supine Abs.

I have always realized the importance of having a balanced body but it was during my recovery periods when it really became apparent, especially focusing on the smaller stabilizer muscles, that many forms of exercise just don’t target. I’m thankful to back at the studio and can tell I am getting stronger everyday. Modus has helped me recover quicker and getting me back to doing the things I love!!!