Balance – Part 2

Attending Modus classes you often hear your instructor refer to your stabilizer muscles. What are these things and why are they so important? Think of them as the foundation of a high-rise, your stabilizer muscles help keep your entire body balanced. They actually are necessary to keep your body up right when you’re in motion. Your musculoskeletal system has 2 generic types of muscles: movers and stabilizers. Essentially, movers are the larger muscles that are primarily known for moving your body parts, for example when you flex your bicep your elbow bends. Most people focus on their larger more visible muscles and tend to ignore their stabilizer muscles…BIG MISTAKE!!! Over time this is one of the primary reasons for injuries. When stabilizer muscles become weakened it is not only difficult and sometimes painful to perform tasks, but it can also lead to problems with your body alignment and can result in joint, tissue, muscle and even nerve damage. The best way to ensure that you are strengthening both your movers and your stabilizer muscles is to:

1. Do exercises slowly
2. Use low weights and more reps
3. Do exercises that require balance

This is exactly where Modus comes in, the exercises in all 3 Modus classes are designed to be a full body workout, with an extra emphasize on the stabilizers. When you consistently incorporate an exercise program that has a holistic approach you will be amazed with the results.