The October Build Your Balance Challenge!

After another glorious Up North summer it’s time to wind down into the new season. With the crisp air and the firey fall leaves swirling around, the focus turns inward and you get to take a new look at YOU! In this spirit, we are excited to announce our 6-week Build Your Balance Challenge-starting October 1!

The BYB Challenge is more than just a challenge-it is designed to introduce you to an exciting new addition to Modus: the ALL NEW ModusCore program. We had great success with our Fueling Body Awareness (FBA) program a few years ago. And so many of you wanted MORE. So we have been working hard on the ALL NEW ModusCore, based on our FBA system. Expanded, refined and focused, ModusCore is ready to help you build a balanced, proactive, productive life you’ll LOVE.

The Modus Truth – Cecelia Irwin

Cecelia is a Holistic Health Coach, Educator for Beautycounter, a mom of four kids

( 7 year old daughter and 3 year old triplets – two boys and a girl), and a Modus student. Cecelia is sharing Beautycounter goody bags for next weeks challenge winners. Read more..

I always loved living a healthy lifestyle and being active but, after giving birth to my trio I decided to leave my full time job to pursue something more flexible and inline with my passion for wellness. Two years ago I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition receiving my certification as a Holistic Health Coach-I love connecting with likeminded mommas and sharing all things wellness which is where Beautycounter came into my life.

Beautycounter is a mission-based company focusing on education and getting safer products into everyone’s homes. As a Health Coach I was eating healthy, working out, focusing on mindset but, had no idea how unregulated the personal care industry was-the last law passed was in 1938 and we only ban 11 chemicals in the United States; after learning this I knew I wanted to be part of the change and haven’t looked back!

I love Modus45 for so many reasons and am so grateful for the community here. The workout is fun and I feel like it actually gets harder the more I come to class (which I love), the instructor and clients are always so welcoming and encouraging!


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All things Beautycounter:

Sarah Shotwell

I have to admit that I really didn’t want to do the Modus Challenge this fall. I just didn’t know if I could commit the time it takes to go to Modus 3x a week and the extra time it would take to do the nutrition challenge. I am so glad I did! Thanks to my dear friend Krissy Kernan, who loves a little competition, I did sign up for both the Modus Challenge and the nutrition Challenge with David Zalucha. I started attending Modus 4 x a week, I knew if I was going to give Kelley Petterson, super active, super athletic, Modus Queen, a run for her money, I was going to have to go to classes more than 3 x a week. At first it was really hard to find the time to go 4 x a week and my body was tired and sore, but as the weeks went on and I got in a groove, 4 x a week was doable. My body was becoming very flexible, my arms and legs were more lean and toned, and I could feel all my muscles engaging and doing what they were supposed to be doing in all the exercises. My energy increased and I could almost see my abs, almost. The Nutrition challenge with David Zalucha was also something to which I was afraid I could not commit. After the first meet-up and signing on to the My Macros app I thought there is no way I have time to be planning meals, weighing all my food, and logging everything I ate. The first few days were challenging, I did take time to weigh everything I ate and log each ingredient I used. It also was hard to balance my carb, protein, and fat intake, but again, as the weeks went on, it became a habit and did not really take that much time, maybe an extra half hour a day. At first my weight was also jumping all over the place. Some days my carb intake was way too high and my weight would jump up. Other days my fat intake was too high and again the weight would jump up. But after about three weeks of learning to eat more balanced meals, higher protein meals, lots of veggies, and a ton of water, the weight started to drop. And guess what? I lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks. I was over the moon! This program really does work! My workout partner Krissy actually got to her goal weight in just one week by diligently tracking her food. I was a little more lax and had some cocktails, and Halloween candy, and cheese, lots of cheese, but learning to know what my fat, carb, and protein goals were really made a difference. I also started to learn how much 4 ounces of chicken or 15 grams of a carb looked like without having to measure everything. I was so thrilled that I made the commitment to my health and myself to do this challenge this fall. It was so worth every minute and every ounce of energy I put into it.

From Kelley Peterson

It is a funny thing about pain and chronic injuries but when you are so used to having it when it is gone it takes you a while to notice. That is how it was with Modus. I am not sure how long I had been attending classes but one day I realized I could not remember the last time I had taken ibuprofen because my knees were not hurting.

Then ski season came around and again I noticed improvements from years past. Not only was I stronger in my upper body but, my core strength had improved considerably which in turn improved my balance skiing. In addition I have seen improvement in my flexibility and endurance from the Modus MIC classes, which are my favorite.

Last winter I decided to stop taking all my joint supplements to see if my knee pain would return and I am happy to report it did not. I credit Modus and all the small moves working to improve the strength of my knee stabilizer muscles that has got me back to pain free running and skiing.

Magic Modus: Balance

The simple act of balancing over gravity as you exercise, for one thing, mimics sports activities more so than does sitting on a bunch of exercise machines. Studies conducted over the past decade support this idea. When their subjects trained in free-standing exercise, they had better results than when they sat at machines – now known as functional training. As defined by former Olympic coast John Philbin, functional exercise “improve(s) sports performance” by teaching you to “use multiple muscles and joints” and to “stay balanced.” Add a bar to this concept and you’ve got a way to work simultaneously on balance, coordination and strength. To put it another way, you’ve got functional exercise on steroids. In Modus thigh-work, for example, students use their thighs, hamstrings, glutes, calves and back muscles all in one exercise. In fold-over they use their pecs, deltoids, abs, hip-flexors and thighs. This multi-tasking format improves balance much more quickly than other exercises.

Balance – Part 2

Attending Modus classes you often hear your instructor refer to your stabilizer muscles. What are these things and why are they so important? Think of them as the foundation of a high-rise, your stabilizer muscles help keep your entire body balanced. They actually are necessary to keep your body up right when you’re in motion. Your musculoskeletal system has 2 generic types of muscles: movers and stabilizers. Essentially, movers are the larger muscles that are primarily known for moving your body parts, for example when you flex your bicep your elbow bends. Most people focus on their larger more visible muscles and tend to ignore their stabilizer muscles…BIG MISTAKE!!! Over time this is one of the primary reasons for injuries. When stabilizer muscles become weakened it is not only difficult and sometimes painful to perform tasks, but it can also lead to problems with your body alignment and can result in joint, tissue, muscle and even nerve damage. The best way to ensure that you are strengthening both your movers and your stabilizer muscles is to:

1. Do exercises slowly
2. Use low weights and more reps
3. Do exercises that require balance

This is exactly where Modus comes in, the exercises in all 3 Modus classes are designed to be a full body workout, with an extra emphasize on the stabilizers. When you consistently incorporate an exercise program that has a holistic approach you will be amazed with the results.

The Modus Truth – Chris Sullivan’s Story

Modus helped Chris be more balanced. Not only did he beat his personal best VASA 112th place by placing 35th this year and dropping 23 minutes off his fastest time, he feels stronger and lighter on his feet.

I started taking Modus classes at the beginning of September after a debilitating back injury in the spring had kept me from doing anything more strenuous than walking most of the summer. My hope was that Modus would help eliminate my chronic back issues and improve my flexibility and core strength. Modus has done that and much more! I was shocked when I started skiing this winter. In the past, I’ve spent the first few weeks of the season trying to ski myself into shape. From my first ski this year, I am stronger, lighter on my feet, and more balanced. I raced the 28 km Vasa last weekend and finished with a 35th place result. Not only did this beat my previous best 112th place finish, I also dropped 23 minutes off what had been my fastest time.

Deb Westphal – Overall Balanced Strength is Key

From a rod inserted in her leg from a skate skiing accident to a neck and spine fracture from a bike accident, Deb does not take her strength and the overall balanced strength in her body for granted.

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. At the top of my list are skate skiing in the winter and bike riding in the summer. When I added Modus to my weekly routine, not only did I gain a better awareness of my posture and increase my flexibility, but I noticed a significant improvement in my core strength and balance, which is especially needed for skate skiing. I love how Modus not only challenges the large muscles that I work all the time but also focuses on strengthening the smaller stabilizer muscles.

But it wasn’t until my two major accidents did I realize the importance Modus would play in my road to recovery.

In 2014 I was skiing the Vasa when I got tangled up with another skier and broke my leg. I had a rod inserted in my leg from my knee to my ankle, and could not bear any weight for 6 weeks, it is amazing how fast your muscles atrophy when you don’t use them! When I was able to start exercising again I came back to Modus making some modifications and doing low impact. I was amazed at how quickly I started noticing my strength coming back. Soon I was back to doing all things I love, including biking. Which brings me to my second major injury. Last summer I was on a bike ride coming down a steep hill at 35 mph. It was great fun until I hit a divot in the road and was thrown over my handlebars, thankfully my helmet did it’s job, but I did fracture my neck and spine. I was very fortunate that my injuries weren’t any worse, I really credit my fitness level, and overall health that I didn’t need surgery, but I had to wear a neck brace for a while and had to limit my physical activity for a few months. As soon as I got clearance from my doctor I was back at Modus, I had to make some modifications, and still use a ball when doing Supine Abs.

I have always realized the importance of having a balanced body but it was during my recovery periods when it really became apparent, especially focusing on the smaller stabilizer muscles, that many forms of exercise just don’t target. I’m thankful to back at the studio and can tell I am getting stronger everyday. Modus has helped me recover quicker and getting me back to doing the things I love!!!

Balance Continued – Core Strengthening

We understand how important it is to have proper balance, but how exactly do we improve it?

We understand how important it is to have proper balance, but how exactly do we improve it? Automatically we think strengthen our core right? Yes, but what exactly is our “core”? Most people would probably say the abdominal muscles make up our core, but that is only part of the equation. The real “core” of your body is not your abs, but it is your pelvis. If you have poor pelvis stability or poor bio-mechanics, then the rest of your body is majorly affected. Proper stabilizing of the pelvis is vital whether you’re an athlete or an individual wanting to perform everyday activities pain free. It also helps prevent long term problems with knees, hips and lower back pain, which are common sites for pain and injury. Which brings us back to the importance of our stabilizer muscles, and why so many of our clients (instructors included) have benefited from all those tiny effective “Modus Moves” in their workout routines.

Jesse and Jeff: A Passion for Running – Jeff

Jeff – After IT Band injuries, he finally took core and stabilizing muscle training seriously. His trick? He integrated Modus45 into his training plan.

Numerous times throughout my 10 years participating in long distance running, I’ve endured IT Band injuries that have sidelined me for weeks or even months. It was not until I started taking core and stablizer muscle training seriously, that I finally have gone almost completely injury free for the last 3 years. My trick? Integrating Modus 45 into my training plan.

Before the start of my typical 4-month marathon training, I always do Modus at least once a week for a full month. Modus focuses on all the small tiny muscle groups that make up the core, and ensures that all my stabilizer muscles are strong so that I’m not forcing my body to over compensate for weaker muscles. When muscles have to work harder to make up for weaker ones, this is usually when running related injuries happen. Modus 45 is the base I use to make sure body is ready to take on the grueling (yet fun) beating I give it for 26.2 miles.

Another great thing that has happened since I integrated Modus into my training is that I’ve shaved 9 minutes off my marathon PR, to run a 3 hour 14 minute marathon in 2015.

Overall, I think Modus 45 is an excellent way to help runners stay healthy, get faster, and look damn fine in a bathing suit”