Why Modus45

By focusing on the body’s small (often less-appreciated) stabilizer muscles, flexibility and balance are incredibly challenged and improved with each Modus session. And while similar in philosophy to the popular Barre classes, Modus incorporates cardio punches to engage the heart, traditional weights to insure strength and general laughs to insure humility.

Dread of working out paralyzes us all. Modus eliminates the dread because we begin by laying down…relaxing. Clearing the mind.

Welcome to intelligent exercise that maximizes every second by blending relaxation, core strength, muscle sculpting, flexibility and ultimately, physical and mental stamina. Plus it’s fun!

Strength and wellness without dread or exhaustion … it’s the Modus way.

Beyond Barre


Beyond Barre

The Modus45 community enables wellness because we are welcoming and supportive. We elevate each personal fitness experience through assistance and encouragement, uplifting the entire Modus45 collective.

Inspiration from start to finish equals results from top to bottom.

Anyone, any age can take ownership of their health. Modus is there to help. If you lack time and energy, the Modus method was designed just for you.

Empower yourself and get your mojo back.