RE | Define

By focusing on the body’s small (often less-appreciated) stabilizer muscles, flexibility and balance are incredibly challenged and improved with each Modus session. And while similar in philosophy to the popular Barre classes, Modus incorporates cardio punches to engage the heart, traditional weights to ensure strength and general laughs to insure humility.

RE | Invent

We’ve all seen the infomercials. Hordes of people packed into gyms the size of aircraft hangers, enduring 60 tortuous minutes of military-grade boot camp. They lunge. They squat. They do one-handed pushups and lift super-human amounts of weight – all in the name of getting ‘fit’ but what’s going on in your heart and mind? Once you know, you can reinvent!

RE | Fuel

Are you really getting fit? Probably. But at what cost to your joints and overall wellbeing? And, maybe more importantly, is this type of harsh regimen sustainable and/or desirable? Fueling your body awareness and your body is key and… Modus will help you get there.

RE | Shape

Modus provides a more nuanced and scientific approach to fitness. Workouts are challenging, to be sure, but they are also balanced. Your body is simultaneously energized and soothed. Invigorated and calmed. Yin and Yang. And ultimately and totally balanced.

RE | Energize

Modus is a way of life. A passion. A lifeline to good mental and physical health. It energizes and soothes, invigorates and calms. It creates body awareness (in a good way). It is unlike any exercise regimen.

Kelly Robinson

Kelly is a golf, tennis, and downhill skiing enthusiast who started with Modus45 late 2013; he now goes twice a week. He works in the oil and gas exploration field and enjoys time with his active sons and wife.

What prompted you to try Modus45?
I started at Modus because my wife had tried the classes. I found out there was a men’s class and thought I should give it a try. In general, I have struggled with lower back and hip issues. I have been to physical therapy many times And unfortunately do not stick to routine they prescribe. Nonetheless, I have been told to strengthen my glutes and increase flexibility. This class forces me to work on these things while also doing cardio and strength training.

What keeps you coming back?
I like the fact that it incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility in one workout.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
Arms and glute strength. I have lower back and right hip issues, so strengthening my glutes and increasing flexibility in my hamstrings are slowly correcting these issues.

Any tips for newcomers?
Just be ready for a good workout.

Any favorite moves?
I like the arm series.

Jenn Dakoske

Jenn began working out at Modus two to three times a week last fall. She sells residential real estate at RE/MAX Bayshore Properties in Traverse City and is a passionate marathoner.

Why work out at Modus45?
I love running and I’ve always hated organized exercise classes … but I sprained my ankle this fall, mid-marathon training, and was going crazy not being able to run. I literally only went because I hadn’t been able to run and the class was free – I really didn’t expect to go back.

Where do you notice the results in your body?
It’s been awesome for running – Modus works muscles that I’ve never worked before and it’s actually made running so much easier! That’s really what makes me keep going back.

What keeps you coming back?
I love that it’s as challenging as you make it – it actually gets more challenging as you figure out how you’re actually supposed to do the movements the right way! Megan kept saying, “Pull in your abs!” and I didn’t know what she meant until about a month ago. I like that every class has something a little different.

Any tips for newcomers?
You really have to give it more than just four to five classes before judging it. When I first started I thought parts of the class were too easy, but the more I go the harder it gets because you figure out how to squeeze your glutes even more! AH!

Most challenging move?
I hate that stupid half mat! I’m in pain for like two days after we use that thing!! (Obviously it works!)

What do you appreciate about your instructor?
I usually go to Megan’s classes – she now knows that I need to work on my posture and flexibility and constantly reminds me of that every class, and I love that she throws in something new every time … even though I usually tell her that I hate her while I’m doing it! She’s awesome.

Molly Piche Russell

Molly Piche Russell

Molly Russell, one of Modus’ instructors, grew up in Traverse City and holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Michigan State University. In her career, she worked for University of Michigan’s MedSport, managing fitness facilities in Ford and GM facilities. She also worked at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital with spinal cord and brain injury clients.

Clinically, the Modus approach is very safe; the risk of injury is very low. The entire body is strengthened in a very functional sense, from the deep core line along the spine to the superficial abdominal muscles.

Because each workout is specifically designed with a wide range of abilities in mind, every Modus client can expect strength and flexibility benefits. I also like the fact that body and posture awareness develop over time, diminishing that “hunched over” look.

The clients I have trained at Modus that show the most significant improvement come to the studio three times a week. The beauty of the workout is that in an hour, you have engaged each and every body part, including the heart. With the welcoming and fun community Modus has, you’ve also engaged your soul.

Dr. Emily Johnson

Dr. Emily Johnson

A native of Houghton and graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University, Dr. Johnson is generally found outside when she’s not seeing patients at Russell Chiropractic. Her active lifestyle includes swimming, softball, wake surfing, hiking and snow shoeing. She is scheduled to take the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician board exam in November.

From a pure musculoskeletal viewpoint, the Modus approach has many benefits. Primarily, it is an excellent workout for people who want to tone and get in shape without adding bulk.

Modus’ high repetitions of small movements help to isolate stabilizing muscles throughout the body. These movements improve and maintain proper posture, something that is essential for spinal health and overall wellbeing.

The other thing I love about Modus is the precise, continuous feedback from the instructors. They make sure that everyone is exercising with proper form in order to avoid injury and maximize fitness results. The workout is fun, high energy and it WORKS!

Dr. Kerry Russell

Dr. Kerry Russell

Kerry Russell, D.C. played college and professional hockey, a sport that took its toll on his back and joints. After finding relief through chiropractic care, Dr. Russell pursued it as a career and in 1998, opened his practice in Traverse City.

Dr. Russell completed his post-graduate fellowship in chiropractor sports medicine and clinical nutrition. In his practice, he works with athletes of all ages get on the pain-free road to wellness.

Studies show proper spinal alignment directly impacts health and well-being. In addition to regular chiropractic care, I recommend patients follow a low-impact weight-bearing exercise program that includes proper stretching.

Modus45’s sequence of isometrics, cardio, weights and stretching is challenging enough for seasoned athletes, yet accessible to all. I recommend it for anyone hoping to improve his or her wellness.